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July 26, 2006



Damnit. Thank god I discovered how good whole wheat bread actually tastes with cheddar cheese. (I think I convinced myself of it when I finally stopped denying the uselessness of white bread.)

It absolutely pisses me off that I CANNOT find ANY packaged meat that doesn't contain sodium nitrate. Whether it's smoked or not, it's in there, and my boyfriend wonders why it's so bad when it says "sodium" in it. It's like carbon dioxide versus carbon monoxide. It's all about combinations, and that's another issue.

A friend told me today that a man she knew who led a very natural life and ate strictly organic (but lived in Greater Vancouver, BC) died with cancer consuming his entire body. If things are only getting worse, I'd hate to think how my fellow Vancouverites will be dying in 10 years.

Manfred McMasters

Thank you for the wonderful information! Now I can go get cancer and die like the rest of the obese people in America! Woohoo! Hot dogs for everyone!

But seriously, is there a way to just buy wholesale quantities of sodium nitrate to inject into my bloodstream? RSVP if so.


I have cancer and look forward to a long road and death but I think good food will make the journey nicer.

lisa-the grape freak

My mom thinks I am nuts for purchasing raw milk, beef from the butcher, lots of fruits and veggies (okay, she does not think I am nuts for that part) but all in all, I pay a higher grocery bill for my family's health which (for my family) means healthier habits, a blessed life, and less junk food that is kept. My mom's friend passed the mark of being cancer free for two years, my brother battled caner in which as a sibling I could get! More than ever am I vigilant over what we eat. It sounds like a broken record folks, but we can not place to high a mark on our own or families health. Thanks for the site!

Yes, I do LOVE grapes!


i really do want cancer again. i've had it once and it was a bitch. but it's too hard to get back on track with life. thanks for the advice.


i really do want cancer
live seems hard
and i cant see growing old
i can only see the option of dieing
its been stuck in my head for years

i wish

I really wish you have the magic bullet to have a fatal disease. Death is something I pray for on a daily basis.


I wish it was easier to get cancer, cuz i want to get cancer and die.


yeah i want cancer too.too wimpy to blow my head out so some nice leukemia or something similar would come as a blessing.but i guess witht the luck i am having i will live to be 100 years.


Hah it's kinda funny. My life isn't bad in the slightest and I have an awesome family-good grades-etc.. but I really want cancer. I'm not to keen on the smoking one [since I tried but I hate the taste of the stuff] So I'ma aim on the food. If there are any easier ways to get cancer please don't be afraid to contact.

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