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October 24, 2003


Shelley Ottoson

I have an early childhood diploma and 2 children of my own and i believe children learn through the work of play. Discovery toys give children the tools to learn at great prices and great quality (lifetime garuantee). Each book, toy or computer software has a parent guide and a variety of ways that your child can learn through that one item. Please check out my web site and see what kind of opportunities there are for your child.

Howard Binkow

We are a not for profit organization. We offer several free resources to help parents and children ages 3-8 at

Clara Northcott

ChildProtect Canada: Protecting Children for Life

From the minute a baby is born, moms and dads are overwhelmed with happiness and vow to protect their child as best they can. ChildProtect CANADA (CPC) offers an intelligent program that enables parents to be free of financial burden and immediately access expensive alternative treatments should a child become victim to a life-altering accident or illness.

The CPC coverage plan provides a lump sum cash benefit 30 days after a child is diagnosed with, and survives, a medical condition as defined by the policy. Parents can use this tax free cash benefit for special education, therapies, expensive medication and/or medical equipment. Financial relief is crucial when parents’ careers are put on hold to care for their sick child.

With this program, a child will be covered for up to 31 conditions including - autism, congenital heart disease, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, type 1 diabetes mellitus, muscular dystrophy, e coli, organ transplant, cancer, MS to name a few.

Available for children aged 0 to 19 years, CPC guarantees that the premiums will never increase, and the tax free cash benefit will never decrease. If the child remains healthy through to age 19 and has no history of claims, parents can terminate the plan and receive a full refund of all premiums paid (Policy has to be inforced for at least 20 years for full refund).

For further information and to join the program, please contact ChildProtect CANADA via, (416) 640-0299 or 1-888-76CHILD (1-888-762-4453).

For Further media information, please contact, Clara Northcott, Northcott Communications, Cell: (416) 562-5900, EM: [email protected].

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