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October 28, 2003



Thank You for this wonderful information.
It confirms my theory on the importance of touch.
Glad to see there are others like this out there. My work will be on getting adults who didn't get the proper care as infants the love and attention they need to survive and grow out of their defensive shell. Thank You again.

robert paterson

My pleasure


Hey Rob, I don't know if you'll check this older post, but I wanted to add a new article link here that is perfectly on topic:

Karyn Romeis

Coming very late to this, as a result of a comment from Harold Jarche on a recent post of mine .

I have been thinking a great deal abou this touch thing, lately.

One thing I always wondered, though, about that experiment with the monkeys (which I first encountered at the age of 8) was whether there was any possibility that the baby monkeys chose the cloth "mommies" because they provided better concealment.

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