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November 09, 2003



Thanks for sharing this, Lynna. We probably share more values than I thought. I may just be in the pre-anger stage that you've already graduated from, because I may come to some of the same conclusions. I can certainly related to most of what you've written here.

I sometimes wonder whether many of us are "victims" of Maslowe's hierarchy of needs, because the more we have, the more attuned we are to the higher-order wants like self-actualization. Never mind the constant pressure of the American Dream, which seems to be almost inborn. I also think many of us were sold a false bill of goods by well-meaning adults who told us that we could do whatever we wanted to do as long as we worked hard and followed our hearts.

And some of this serves as a reminder to me that in the context of parenting, it's not necessarily about what I want all the time. Not sure how many times I'm going to have to learn that one.


nice rant, im a 15 year old teenager, and i am living in the place your talking about, keep in mind, obesity is as much if not more if not ALL the parents fault, you guys, and ritalin is purscriped by doctors, old people LIKE YOU, people you trust, all that is, is your paranoia, "my kid wont listen to me, he must have ADD" they wont listen to you either because your boring, they have there our agenda or they dont like what your saying. but as for the bullying thing, i dont have much to say on that subject seeing as ive never bin bullied,if anything i was the bully.. but either way, and guns in america is a serious problem, but thats not caused by the children, thats caused by the excessabilty of it, witch is under the control of the disturbers of guns, witch atleast i hope, is not children, as for the sex thing, PEOPLE IN THE PAST WERE GETTING MARRIED AND HAVING CHILDREN AT 13-14 look at lareta lin, she was a grandmother at 28, dropping out has always bin a problem, i find its all the new rules in school because of your paranoia thats causing me to wanna drop out, its a sprialing circle, the child wants to drop out, get high, have sex and be free, the only reason why is to escape the torment of the relentless rules and be free for once, so in turn you freak out and make even more restrictions than before. finally, im sure when i get to be your age and have children of my own i will be the same way, just wanting the best for my children, but instead of thinking you know best hear what child is saying, then decide.

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