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November 29, 2003


Diane Corriette

This really is quite sad. The state of our education and what's happening in schools. Maybe there should be a place for home schooled kids to meet up and get together so at least they have some form of interaction.

michael jones

A wonderful post! In my opinion home shooling can be both advantage and disadvantage for the kids. But it depends mostly on the character of the individual.

Patty Busby

Here is a link to an article at schools in Finland. Finnish students are ranking among the best in the world.

north pacific costa rica beach

Our education system has grown and developed in a reflection of the changes in our society in a symbiotic relationship in which one influences the other. Considering such issues as gender, culture, curriculum, testing, and philosophy, how has formal education been influenced by national development? How have changes in society influenced changes in the way in which students are educated, as well as philosophies about education?

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