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November 13, 2003


Rob Paterson

Hi Tom
I have hung up my teaching hat

tom desrosier

Rob, I stumbled upon this...

When's your next Web offering?

I see once again that I but a grasshopper.


robert paterson

Hi Chris
I agree with you. I think that all organizational issues whether we talk of parents or IBM ultimately are connected to context. In fact is not context the key to individual awareness as well?

In my work now this is all that I concentrate on. I find that if there is a modern probelm it is that we have a focus on an administraive and internal context. For parents and teachers it seems to be on control and important but secondary issues such as brushing your teeth, a tidy room, being quiet in class ect while missing that larger context of development and how this is obtined. In organizations it is results and porcesses with also thinking about what the customer really needs. For most of us as individuals, don't we miss our own development in the serach for stuff?

chris macrae

It seems to me that in a relationship economy a company must know its context. The best question I've found on that in 15 years of searching is: who would uniquely miss what if this organisation did not exist? Probe by stakeholder

Now admittedly, not all organsiations will want to stay where there context is. But if you are going to move somewhere, its far easier if you have relationship permissions of all involved; far more costly to get there if you dont, and may not be practical at all. Love of context also involves everyone looking out for those changes that are relevant to taking the context to higher order value multiplication for all who commune around the organisation and trust in its value exchange dynamics.

Audrey Pyke

I read the outline of this course and it looks very interesting and challening. I am interested in reading more about the Ford Model.

robert paterson

My courses are credit courses at UPEI in the Business Administration School. You can apply to UPEI. There are 2 spaces left.

My focus as a consultant - I teach part time - is on culture and mindset.

The common theme I work on begins in Early Childhood where culture is passed on by parents to their children Here the research aha is that authoritarian and permissive parenting has very poor outcomes. I then look at the workplace where we find the same impact of culture. We can see that the typical corporate culture is very authoritarian as well - driving stress and illness and loops back into poor parenting.

Finally I look at the aging of society and am working with the Feds on a strategy to re-integrate seniors (folks like me now aged 53) back into the mainstream of society and work. Our thesis is that seniors have had their voice and purpose taken away and have been relegated and now accept a role as children. The state has in effect an authoritarian and parental role which creates a huge dependency which when we will make upi 30% of the population cannot be afforded any more.

So the culture loop is the same for all of us.

The course explores the idea of a Collegial or relationship based commercial relationship that I think has a chance of knocking over the authoritarian culture of the transaction economy.

If you are thinking about ag? Then our current system is based on a few dominant players in the middle who use their authoritarian power to squeeze the farmer and the consumer. How then do we create a direct and collegial relationship based connection between the producer and the consumer. Only then will the system change. Our current focus on the production system will not go anywhere until the core driver for the production system - the distribution system is changed as well.

J. Humphreys

I may be interested in the 'fixing agri.'and the changing market place courses offered on line; but if said courses share any common ground with the Doug Hall marketing philosophy I am not interested. Your web page covers a wide variety of diverse topics, what is the focus of your academic career? Are your on line courses credited towards a degree in ,for instance, Canadian Studies? I would be a mature student with a rag tag background including a couple of years at Kings/Dal. and a diploma in alternative grazing livestock (sheep) from agri. col. in N. Yorkshire. I do not believe human beings can think outside their box (nb. Robert Graves box poem) but would enjoy being convinced.

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