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February 11, 2008


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Ken G.

Tom's comments, about past, present, and future, are all right on point. Great podcast.

Paul Robinett

Very interesting... Peter and Paul... changing the world... one video at a time. Thanks Tom, for all the kind words...

Robert Paterson

Paul How good of you to drop by
All the best Rob

Ton Zijlstra

Seesmic is also a video app that you could describe as human bandwith, as it is basically specifically meant for videoblogging personal items (and not so much other types of video movies)

Great initiative guys!

Michael Wagner

Fully appreciated the honest reflection on YouTube, civility and safety.

Misuse does not argue for non-use, it argues for correct use.

It will take time to discover how to promote correct use but I am confident that with pioneers like Tom we will get there.

Thanks for creating this new venue!

Keep creating...a daring adventure,

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