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February 21, 2008


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dina mehta

the last clip is one of the most inspiring speeches i have seen/heard in a long long long time. it brought me to tears ... and yet filled me with so much hope and joy! thank you Alex for sharing your views on fear and love, on giving - how simple it is to be happy if we could only let go. thank you Rob and Johnnie for opening up this space and filling it with such wonderful thoughts.

Rob Paterson

Dear Dina
When can we talk to you about your Phoric? We have only one request 1 Bollywood clip - thinking that singing and dancing has to be part of life and what medium does that better?
Love Rob

dina mehta

Rob ... i have been really really away ... and still this has been on my mind. I was thinking of change or transformation as a theme .. have found two clips that i think would represent my Phoric .. am still looking for a Bollywood one :)

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