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March 10, 2008


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Chris Corrigan

What is quality on the web? Great question...and I love Euan's answer about telling stories. To which I would add that quality on the web is something about the delight in Euan's voice as he is talking about quality on the web. And the fact that I met him through our respective blogs, which to me is an essential marker of quality on the web - the power to bring people together to have real conversations, and to connect as friends.

Nice to hear all three of you, all of whom I call friend.

Thank you Web.

Rob Paterson

Yes we all met this way - my life took a wonderful turn for the better when I started blogging and you guys were among my first new friends - it was like going back to university again and meeting this greta bunch of people that I would never had met at high school

Chris soon you too will have your Phoric

Cormac Heron

The quality of Peggy Lee's The Way You Look Tonight in mp3 format still floors me every time :-)

Great conversation. The point about just the best content is usually things having been thrown up there without too much thought - reminds me of Jimmy Cauty's quote "The best way to save your career is often to try to destroy it."

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