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January 10, 2007



yes, we are MORE and BETTER when unified. in fact it all unravels when we are not.


I guess I'm late again, but, oh well. (Referring to the dates of your posts and comments.)
Even this old curmudgeon liked Never Ending, too.
I fear that human kind (American style) is rushing hell bent for destruction. It may be able to stop the descent, but somebodies need to grab that brake handle now and pull with all their might.
I am, of course, looking at this post more than a year after it was written.

Robert Paterson

Our kids and I loved that movie too.

I think that there is a lot of truth in fantasy and in myth. In fact there may be more truth than in fact.

I am interviewing an English prof who had to bring on a new course about myth because he found that his students could only understand the surface.

Many very succesful films today Matrix, LOR, Pan's Labrynth etc are successful I think because speak to our yearning to make a difference in a dangerous time


I loved the passion in your writing here.

When reading, I kept being reminded of a movie that my children used to watch (and which I pull out from time to time) called "The Neverending Story." In there, this Dark Lord of which you speak is referred to as "The Nothing." The original movie is quite delightful and one I highly recommend.

Good luck in this journey from the Heart. Blessings!

Robert Paterson

Thanks Chris and Jon
Best wishes to you as well in your work

Jon Husband

Here's to trust and space and helping things along whilst doing no harm.

May the fair winds be at your back.


Aren't beginnings wonderful?

Here's wishing you and your readers great success with this new venture!


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