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January 23, 2007


keith kennedy York station

AN NRG vision that tracks back one hundred years and more on PEI based on a railway model of development..
I agree with you.

Wind electricity would work a monorail system on transportation.

what i am asking you to concider is including a communication system that harmonizes with this system of NRG generation.

A c0-generation or tri-generation system that would fuel a regional transportation and communication sectors.
a New concept with old history.

Where better to test out this process of c0-wind or tri wind applications that right here on PEI and Newfoundland.

Future generations has a vision to see this NRG developed on Prince Edward Islanders for Atlantic Canada.

the modulation issues could be creating our power sollutions of the future generation.

Creating a new electric system that carries both cargo and people and content throughout the region..

I met you at the community development session this month in Emerald station

I was hoping to futhur this discussion with you.

Ideas are what spark the new economy.

A connection of gadgets and widgets that make up a cultural fabric or thought processs.

a holistic plan that includes a transportation and communication system and this make our propasals different.

I beleve there in a wind wind wind for everyone.

Were making railway history on PEI.

[email protected]

If you would like to futhur this discussion please feel free to contact me.

i am impressed by the flow of energy we have to offer every community.

I would like to build a connection to these ideas.

I would like to develop the communication model for this system of NRG without the fear of someone stealing the processes out from under me.
PEI is a Small place to develop ideas and new economy thoughts with out having them stolen from you so i would respect any confidentialty agreement you have an IP if you recipricate we choose to continue the flow of energy and social networking we are presently implementing.

i would like to discuss this work we have been devloping over the past three years.

it icludes a Bio diesel and co-wind generation for the transportation and communication sectors.
As weel a hydrogen cell platform

thanks and
merry Christmas.

Were making railway history on PEI

if i mispelled somthing see the content

York Station
MODE new media consulting
[email protected]

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