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February 08, 2007




I think you have hit the key point with the word "property."

As an experiment ask a woman friend who is married (and where your intentions are not in the carnal realm) to go to a movie. I did this once when my friend’s husband was present and even asked his permission and she still could not bring herself to do this.

You dance around the issue of monogamy, a great undiscussable. Ask people to talk about this and a steel wall comes up that says “inquire no further” but inquire in a private trusted space and people will “dish the dirt” about what they would like to do or have done.

It really helps to look at the monogamy issue from a pan-historical and pan-cultural perspective. Helen Fisher does this in her book: “Anatomy of Love: A Natural History of Mating, Marriage, and Why We Stray.” The book received mixed reviews; however, it is thought provoking to see how cultures have established institutionalized arrangements that go beyond common views of monogamy.



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