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February 05, 2007


The English Courtesan

Another fascinating post Robert and so much of this fits with my own experience. I'm amused and delighted that Diana too liked older men from an early age, as that is something we share. I have never pondered why this is, and have always just accepted it as a fact, that older men like me and that I like them, but your post has made me think...

I'm intrigued by the concept of the sacred marriage. That may well explain why I like outdoor pursuits so much! ;-) On a serious note, you have made me think of sex outdoors in a different light, as part of the cycles of renewal and regeneration, and almost as a way of giving something back. There is a particular memory which I hold dear, which is that of making love in a stone circle on a windblown sunlit Yorkshire moor. There was something immensely primeval about it, and I think that is one reason why I will never forget it, the other being the man with whom I shared this wonderful experience. It transcended the purely physical in ways I can't quite explain...

You are so right however that sex is only a part of the union, albeit a fundamental one. Equality, of the King and the Goddess as Frymer-Kensky so lyrically puts it, are another aspect of it. I recently wrote a post on the 'Chola - Sacred Bronzes of India' exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. My personal favourite was the statue of Uma and here is an extract from what I wrote:

...Uma, ‘The Peaceful One’, was the consort of Shiva, and was also known as Durga ‘The Inaccessible’, Devi ‘The Goddess’, Mahadevi ‘The Great Goddess’, Kali ‘The Black One’ and Parvati ‘The Chaste Wife’. Just as a powerful man or woman needs their courtesan, so Uma was a central part of Shiva’s work. Legend has it that Shiva alone can protect the world from evil, but only when Uma is present can he bestow grace on an individual soul...'

That equality and the absolute trust it brings are undoubtedly part of what the courtesan offers. Have you read Gillette (Ex-Courtesan in Transition) at ? I will send her a link to your post if I may as I remember her powerful writing on the subject of trust and in particular rebirthing experiences.

I can't wait for your next installment!

Livvy xxx

Robert Paterson

Sorry I am being slow but the pressures of earning a living are in the way at the moment - hope to get back to this next week.

It is so helpful to have your encouragement

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