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January 30, 2007


Todd Mundt

Good questions! On one level, it was a nice way to prove that we listen - because we actually do - but first and foremost, it was a decision abut programming, about how our programs across the schedule "play together" - about the mix, the sound and the texture, and about the flow of one program to the next. The intensity of the response from listeners can't be overlooked, but it can never be the single factor in a decision like this.


Thanks to you, Mr. Patterson for indeed creating a trusted and needed space online and for this important discussion. I would like to hear Todd discuss more about what criteria he used to decide he was wrong and the audience was right. I read somewhere that IPR received 700-some comments about the programming - that's pretty significant. BUT, isn't programming by committee dangerous? If there are 220,000 perfect schedules, why is the audience then given the victory as opposed to a professional who felt that the DR Show would be the best for that spot? What ratings showed that relatively no one was listening to DR? Was this just a test to prove that you listen and NOT a real programming decision? Just curious

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